Also see definition of "Ungodly" in Word Study
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UNGODLY - un-god'-li (rasha` (Ps 1:1), "wicked," beliya`al (2 Sam 22:5), "worthless"; in the New Testament asebes (Rom 5:6), e.g. indicating that the persons so called are both irreverent and impious): Trench says that the idea of active opposition to religion is involved in the word, that it is a deliberate withholding from God of His dues of prayer and of service; a standing, so to speak, in battle array against God and His claims to respect, reverence and obedience. Those whose sins are particularly aggravating and deserving of God's wrath are the "ungodly." And yet it is for such that Jesus Christ died (Rom 5:6).

William Evans

Also see definition of "Ungodly" in Word Study

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