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GREEK: 5170 Trufaina Truphaina
NAVE: Tryphaena Tryphena
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In Bible versions:

Tryphena: NET NIV
a woman in Rome to whom Paul sent greetings

delicious; delicate


Strongs #5170: Trufaina Truphaina

Tryphena = "luxurious"

1) a Christian woman

5170 Truphaina troo'-fahee-nah

from 5172; luxurious; Tryphoena, a Christian woman:-Tryphena.
see GREEK for 5172

Tryphaena [NAVE]

See: Tryphena.

Tryphena [NAVE]

TRYPHENA, a Christian woman in Rome, Rom. 16:12.


and Trypho?sa (luxurious), two Christian women at Rome, enumerated in the conclusion of St. Paul?s letter. (Romans 16:12) (A.D. 55.) They may have been sisters, but it is more likely that they were fellow deaconesses. We know nothing more of these two sister workers of the apostolic time.


TRYPHAENA - tri-fe'-na (Truphaina; the King James Version, Tryphena): Tryphaena is coupled with "Tryphosa"--among those members of the Christian community at Rome to whom Paul sends greetings (Rom 16:12). He describes them as those "who labor in the Lord." "The names, which might be rendered `Dainty' and `Disdain' (see Jas 5:5; Isa 66:11), are characteristically pagan, and unlike the description" (Denney). They were probably sisters or near relatives, for "it was usual to designate members of the same family by derivatives of the same root" (Lightfoot, Phil, 175). Both names are found in inscriptions connected with the imperial household, "Tryphosa" occurring more frequently than "Tryphaena."

S. F. Hunter

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