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TRAIN - tran (verb chanakh, "educate" (Prov 22:6), with adjective chanikh (Gen 14:14)): In 1 Ki 10:2 the Queen of Sheba's "train," the noun is chayil, the usual word for "force," "army." But in Isa 6:1 the "train" (shul, "loose hanging garment") is that of God's robe (the Revised Version margin "skirts").


TRAIN; TRAINED - tran, trand: The word is used in two places in both the King James Version and the Revised Version (British and American), namely, Gen 14:14, where it means "drilled," "prepared for war," and Prov 22:6. "Train up a child" means more than to teach, and includes everything that pertains to the proper development of the child, especially in its moral and spiritual nature. In this broader sense also the Revised Version (British and American) substitutes "train" for the "teach" of the King James Version in Tit 2:4 (sophronizo).

Also see definition of "Train" in Word Study

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