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Title [NAVE]

TITLE, to real estate. See: Land.


TITLE - ti'-t'-l: Jn 19:19,20 for titlos.

The following arrangement of the title on the cross has been suggested: See Geikie, Life and Words of Christ, chapter lxiii, note e; Seymour, The Cross in Tradition, History and Art (New York, 1898), pp. 115, 116,136, 138.

In 2 Ki 23:17, the King James Version has "title" for tsiyyun. The word is connected with tsawah, "to command," and King James Version seems to have understood tsiyyun as "that giving directions," "sign-posts" (compare Ezek 39:15). The word, however, means "grave-stone," "monument."


Also see definition of "Title" in Word Study

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