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EBD: Threshold
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Threshold [EBD]

(1.) Heb. miphtan, probably a projecting beam at a higher point than the threshold proper (1 Sam. 5:4,5; Ezek. 9:3; 10:4,18; 46:2; 47:1); also rendered "door" and "door-post."

(2.) 'Asuppim, pl. (Neh. 12:25), rendered correctly "storehouses" in the Revised Version. In 1 Chr. 26:15, 17 the Authorized Version retains the word as a proper name, while in the Revised Version it is translated "storehouses."


Of the two words so rendered is the Authorized Version, one,miphthan, ,seems to mean sometimes a projecting beam or corbel. (Ezekiel 9:3; 10:4,18)


THRESHOLD - thresh'-old.

See HOUSE, II, 1, (7).

Also see definition of "Threshold" in Word Study

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