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HEBREW: 8528 xlm lt Tel Melach
NAVE: Tel-melah
EBD: Tel-melah
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Tel Melah

In Bible versions:

Tel Melah: NET NIV
Tel-Melah: AVS TEV
Tel-melah: NRSV NASB
a town of Babylon where Israeli exiles once lived

heap of salt
Google Maps: Tel-melah (32° 7´, 45° 13´)


Strongs #08528: xlm lt Tel Melach

Tel-melah = "mound of salt"

1) a place in Babylon from which some exiles of unknown parentage
came; returned to Jerusalem with Zerubbabel

8528 Tel Melach tale meh'-lakh

from 8510 and 4417; mound of salt; Tel-Melach, a place in
see HEBREW for 08510
see HEBREW for 04417

Tel-melah [EBD]

hill of salt, a place in Babylon from which the Jews returned (id.).

Tel-melah [NAVE]

TEL-MELAH, a place in Babylonia, Ezra 2:59; Neh. 7:61.


TEL-MELAH - tel-me'-la (tel-melah, "hill of salt"): A Babylonian town mentioned in Ezr 2:59; Neh 7:61 with Tel-harsha and Cherub (see TEL-HARSHA). It possibly lay on the low salt tract near the Persian Gulf. In 1 Esdras 5:36 it is called "Thermeleth."

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