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NAVE: Tapestry
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Tapestry [NAVE]

Prov. 7:16; 31:22.
Of the tabernacle, Ex. 26:1-14, 31-37; 27:9-17; 36:8-18.
Gold thread woven in, Ex. 39:3.
In palaces, Esth. 1:6; Song 1:5.
In groves, 2 Kin. 23:7.
See: Curtains; Embroidery.


TAPESTRY - tap'-es-tri (marebhaddim, from rabhadh, "to spread"): "Carpets of tapestry" are mentioned in Prov 7:16; 31:22. We have no means of knowing just what form of weaving is here referred to.


Also see definition of "Tapestry" in Word Study

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