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HEBREW: 8461 ynmkxt [email protected]
NAVE: Tahkemonite
Tahanites, The | Tahapanes | Tahapenes | Tahash | Tahath | Tahkemonite | Tahpanhes | Tahpanhes, Tehaphnehes, Tahapanes | Tahpenes | Tahrea | Tahtim-hodshi


In Bible versions:

Tahkemonite: NET NIV
Tah-Chemonite: AVS TEV
Tahchemonite: NRSV NASB
member of Hachmoni Clan or resident of Hachmon (CEV, NIV)


Strongs #08461: ynmkxt [email protected]

Tachmonite = "thou will make me wise"

1) descriptive designation of Josheb-basshebeth, one of David's
mighty warriors

8461 Tachkmoniy takh-kem-o-nee'

probably for 2453; sagacious; Tachkemoni, an
see HEBREW for 02453

Tahkemonite [NAVE]

See: Tachemonite.


TAHCHEMONITE - ta-ke'-mo-nit, ta'-ke-mon-it (tachkemoni): Name of a family to which Jashobeam, the chief captain in David's army, belonged (2 Sam 23:8; 1 Ch 11:11). In 1 Chronicles it is "Hachmonite."

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