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Tabor, Oak Of

Google Maps: Tabor (1) (32° 41´, 35° 23´); Tabor (2) (32° 40´, 35° 19´); Tabor (3) (31° 55´, 35° 13´)


TABOR, OAK OF - (PLAIN OF TABOR in the King James Version) (elon tabhor; he drus Thabor): A place mentioned only in Samuel's directions to Saul after his anointing (1 Sam 10:3). It lay between the city where the two met and Gibeah whither Saul was returning. Ewald and Thenius thought it might be identical with the palm tree of Deborah, but there is nothing to support this conjecture. Others have thought we might read "oak of Deborah," as signifying the place where Rachel's nurse was buried (Gen 35:8). The truth is that nothing whatever is now known of the site.

W. Ewing

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