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In Bible versions:

Aswan: NIV
a town of south Egypt where there was an Israelite colony

a bush; enmity

NET Glossary: a location in Egypt associated with modern Aswan
Google Maps: Syene (24° 3´, 32° 53´)


Strongs #05515: Mynyo Ciyniym

Sinim = "thorns"

1) a people living at the extremity of the known world; may be
identified with the inhabitants of southern China

5515 Ciyniym see-neem'

plural of an otherwise unknown name; Sinim, a distant
Oriental region:-Sinim.

Strongs #05482: hnwo [email protected] [rather to be written hnvs [email protected] for Nwo [email protected]

Syene = "her veiling (?)"

1) a town of Egypt on the frontier of Cush or Ethiopia

5482 Cveneh sev-ay-nay'

(rather to be written Cvenah {sev-ay'-naw}; for Cven
{sev-ane'}; i.e to Seven); of Egyptian derivation; Seven, a
place in Upper Egypt:-Syene.

Syene [EBD]

opening (Ezek. 29:10; 30:6), a town of Egypt, on the borders of Ethiopia, now called Assouan, on the right bank of the Nile, notable for its quarries of beautiful red granite called "syenite." It was the frontier town of Egypt in the south, as Migdol was in the north-east.

Aswan [NAVE]

Isa. 49:12; Ezek. 29:10, 30:6 See: Syene.

Syene [NAVE]

SYENE, a city in Egypt, Ezek. 29:10; 30:6.


properly Seventh a town of Egypt, on the frontier of Cush or Ethiopia, (Ezekiel 29:10; 30:6) represented by the present Aruan or Es-Suan.


SYENE - si-e'-ne.


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