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Stool [NAVE]

2 Kin. 4:10.
Figurative: Of the earth, Isa. 66:1; Matt. 5:35; Acts 7:49; temple, 1 Chr. 28:2; Lam. 2:1; sanctuary, Psa. 99:5; 132:7; enemies of Jesus, Psa. 110:1; Matt. 22:44; Mark 12:36; Luke 20:43; Acts 2:35; Heb. 1:13.


STOOL - stool ('obhnayim): It is not clear what the character and purpose of this stool were Septuagint has no reference to it). It seems to have been a chair of a peculiar sort upon which a woman reclined in parturition (Ex 1:16). The Hebrew word is in the dual number and primarily means "two stones." The only other place where it occurs is Jer 18:3, where it is rendered "wheels" Septuagint epi ton lithon, "on the stones"). In 2 Ki 4:10, the word translated in the King James Version as "stool" (kicce') is in the Revised Version (British and American) more correctly translated "seat."


Jesse L. Cotton

Also see definition of "Stool" in Word Study

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