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STAY - sta: Is derived from two distinct forms. From one derivation it has the meaning "to stand" and so "to continue in one place" (Gen 8:10; Lev 13:23,28, etc.), "to forbear to act" (Ruth 1:13), "to rest," "to be trustful" (King James Version, the English Revised Version Isa 10:20; see below). Transitively it means "to cause to stay," "to hinder" (Dan 4:35, etc.), and "stay" as a noun means "cessation of progress"' (Lev 13:5,37), "sojourn." From the second derivation the verb means "to support" (Ex 17:12; 1 Ki 22:35; Song 2:5), while the noun means "a support" (1 Ki 10:19; Isa 3:1, etc.). the American Standard Revised Version has judged obsolete "stay on" in the sense "trust in," and for "stay" has substituted "lean" in Isa 10:20 and "rely" in 30:12; 31:1; 50:10, although "stay themselves upon" (= "support themselves by") has been kept in 48:2. Otherwise the Revised Version (British and American) has made few alterations. But such as have been made ("tarry ye" for "stay yourselves" in Isa 29:9 and the American Standard Revised Version "restrain" for "stay" in Job 37:4) could have been carried farther with advantage.

Burton Scott Easton

Also see definition of "Stay" in Word Study

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