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EBD: Stater
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NET Glossary: a Greek silver coin worth four drachmas (Matt 17:27; see drachma), that is, about four days' wages

Stater [EBD]

Greek word rendered "piece of money" (Matt. 17:27, A.V.; and "shekel" in R.V.). It was equal to two didrachmas ("tribute money," 17:24), or four drachmas, and to about 2s. 6d. of our money. (See SHEKEL.)




STATER - sta'-ter (stater): Used only once, Mt 17:27, where it is rendered by "piece of money" in the King James Version and "shekel" in the Revised Version (British and American). It was originally a standard Greek weight equal to two drachmas, but later it was used to designate the tetradrachma, and this is probably the coin referred to in the above passage.


Also see definition of "Stater" in Word Study

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