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SPIT; SPITTLE - spit, spit'-l (yaraq, roq; (em)ptuo): Spitting in a person's face indicated gross contempt (Nu 12:14; Dt 25:9; Job 30:10; Isa 50:6; Mt 26:67; 27:30, etc.); when performed by an unclean person it produced defilement (Lev 15:8) which necessitated washing the clothes and a bath. When David allowed his spittle (rir) to run down over his beard, it was his purpose to behave like a lunatic (1 Sam 21:13). "Till I swallow down my spittle" (Job 7:19) has the same import as the English "in the twinkling of an eye" (1 Cor 15:52). Spittle was used by our Lord in restoring sight and speech (Mk 7:33; Jn 9:6) as signifying His will to cure. It was a widespread belief that spittle, accompanied with magical formulas, possessed medicinal qualities. "Oil" possessed a similar virtue. (Mk 6:13; Jas 5:14).

T. Lewis

Also see definition of "Spittle" in Word Study

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