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NAVE: Skirt
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Skirt [NAVE]

See: Dress.


SKIRT - skurt: (1) kanaph, "wing" "extremity" (Ruth 3:9, etc.), is the usual word. But in 1 Sam 24:4 ff perhaps "corner" is the best translation. (2) shul, "loose hanging" (Ex 28:33, etc.; in the King James Version often rendered "hem"). (3) peh, "mouth," "opening" (Ps 133:2, "the precious oil .... that came down upon the skirt"). But the "opening" is that for is that for the head, so that the Revised Version margin "collar" is the correct translation. "Skirt" is frequently used in a euphemistic sense, for which the commentaries must be consulted.


Also see definition of "Skirt" in Word Study

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