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HEBREW: 8303 Nwyrv Shiryown and Nyrs Siryon 7865 Nays Siy'on
NAVE: Sirion Siyon
EBD: Sirion
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In Bible versions:

Siyon: NET
a high mountain

NET Glossary: another name for Mount Hermon (Deut 3:9)
Google Maps: Sirion (33° 24´, 35° 51´)


Strongs #08303: Nwyrv Shiryown and Nyrs Siryon

Sirion = "breastplate"

1) one of the names of Mount Hermon this one used by the Sidonians

8303 Shiryown shir-yone'

and Siryon {sir-yone'}; the same as 8304 (i.e. sheeted with
snow); Shirjon or Sirjon, a peak of the Lebanon:-Sirion.
see HEBREW for 08304

Strongs #07865: Nays Siy'on

Sion = "lofty"

1) another name for Mount Hermon

7865 Siy'on see-ohn'

from 7863; peak; Sion, the summit of Mt. Hermon:-Sion.
see HEBREW for 07863

Sirion [EBD]

a breastplate, the Sidonian name of Hermon (q.v.), Deut. 3:9; Ps. 29:6.

Sirion [NAVE]

SIRION, Sidonian name of Mount Hermon, Deut. 3:9; Psa. 29:6.

Siyon [NAVE]

See: Sion 1.


(breastplate), one of the various names of Mount Hermon, that by which it was known to the Zidonians. (3:9) The use of the name in (Psalms 29:6) (slightly altered in the original--Shirion instead of Sirion) is remarkable.


SIRION - sir'-i-on (siryon; Sanior): The name of Mt. Hermon among the Phoenicians (Dt 3:9). It is given as "Shirion" in Ps 29:6 (Hebrew "breastplate" or "body armor"). Here it is named with Lebanon. Sirion therefore probably did not denote a particular part of the Hermon Range, as did Senir, but may have been suggested by the conformation of the range itself, as seen from the heights above the Phoenician coast.

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