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HEBREW: 5626 hro Cirah
NAVE: Sirah
EBD: Sirah
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In Bible versions:

name of a well (and possibly a town, modern Ain Sarah (IBD)
Google Maps: Sirah (31° 32´, 35° 5´)


Strongs #05626: hro Cirah

Sirah = "the turning"

1) a well or cistern; apparently on the road north from Hebron

5626 Cirah see-raw'

from 5493; departure; Sirah, a cistern so-called:-Sirah.
See also 5518.
see HEBREW for 05493
see HEBREW for 05518

Sirah [EBD]

retiring, a well from which Joab's messenger brought back Abner (2 Sam. 3:26). It is now called 'Ain Sarah, and is situated about a mile from Hebron, on the road to the north.

Sirah [NAVE]

SIRAH, the name of a well, 2 Sam. 3:26.


(the turning), The well of, from which Abner was recalled by Joab to his death at Hebron. (2 Samuel 3:26) only. It was apparently on the northern road from Hebron. There is a spring and reservoir on the western side of the ancient northern road, about one mile out of Hebron, which is called Ain Sara.

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