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noise; tumult

Sion [EBD]

elevated. (1.) Denotes Mount Hermon in Deut. 4:48; called Sirion by the Sidonians, and by the Amorites Shenir (Deut. 3:9). (See HERMON.)

(2.) The Greek form of Zion (q.v.) in Matt. 21:5; John 12:15.

Sion [NAVE]

1. A name of Mount Hermon, Deut. 4:48.
2. See: Zion.


(lofty), Mount.
  1. One of the various names of Mount Hermon. (4:48) only.
  2. The Greek form of the Hebrew name Zion, the famous mount of the temple. 1 Macc. 4:37,60; 5:54; 6:48,62; 7:33; 10:11; 14:27; (Hebrews 12:22; Revelation 14:1) [JERUSALEM]


SION - si'-un (si'on; Seon):

(1) A name given to Mt. Hermon in Dt 4:48. The name may mean "protuberance" or "peak," and may have denoted the lofty snow-covered horn of the mountain as seen from the South. It may, however, be a scribal error for Sirion, the name by which the mountain was known to the Zidonians. Syriac takes it in this sense, which, however, may be a correction of the Hebrew. It is possible that this name, like Senir, may have applied to some distinct part of the Hermon Range.

(2) Mt. Sion.


Also see definition of "Sion" in Word Study

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