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Shovel [NAVE]

SHOVEL, a utensil in the tabernacle, Ex. 27:3; 38:3; Num. 4:14; temple, 1 Kin. 7:40; Jer. 52:18.


SHOVEL - shuv'-l: (1) rachath, is a wooden shovel used on the threshing-floor for winnowing the grain (Isa 30:24). (2) ya`, is used in various passages to indicate some instrument employed to carry away ashes from the altar (Ex 27:3; 38:3; Nu 4:14; 1 Ki 7:40,45; 2 Ki 25:14; 2 Ch 4:11,16; Jer 52:18). It was very likely a small shovel like those used in connection with modern fireplaces for cleaning away the ashes (compare Hebrew ya`ah, "to sweep away") or for carrying live coals to start a new fire. (3) yathedh (Dt 23:13 the Revised Version margin)

James A. Patch

Also see definition of "Shovel" in Word Study

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