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HEBREW: 7732 lbwv Showbal
NAVE: Shobal
EBD: Shobal
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In Bible versions:

son of Seir
son of Hur; (grand)son of Judah

path; ear of corn


Strongs #07732: lbwv Showbal

Shobal = "flowing"

1) the 2nd son of Seir the Horite (Edom) and one of the dukes of the
2) son of Caleb, grandson of Hur, and founder of Kirjath-jearim
3) a Judaite, son of Hur and a descendant of Caleb
3a) possibly the same as 2

7732 Showbal sho-bawl'

from the same as 7640; overflowing; Shobal, the name of an
Edomite and two Israelites:-Shobal.
see HEBREW for 07640

Shobal [EBD]

pilgrim. (1.) The second son of Seir the Horite; one of the Horite "dukes" (Gen. 36:20).

(2.) One of the sons of Caleb, and a descendant of Hur (1 Chr. 2:50, 52; 4:1, 2).

Shobal [NAVE]

1. Son of Seir, Gen. 36:20, 23, 29; 1 Chr. 1:38, 40.
2. Son of Caleb, 1 Chr. 2:50, 52.
3. Son of Judah, 1 Chr. 4:1, 2.


  1. Second son of Seir the Horite, (Genesis 36:20; 1 Chronicles 1:38) and one of the "dukes" of the Horites (Genesis 36:29)
  2. Son of Caleb the son of Hur and founder or prince of Kirjath-jearim. (1 Chronicles 2:50,52) (B.C. about 1445.)
  3. In (1 Chronicles 4:1,2) Shobal appears with Hur among the sons of Judah. He is possibly the same as the preceding.


SHOBAL - sho'-bal (shobhal, "overflowing"; Sobal, with variants):

(1) An Edomite name mentioned in connection with Lotan, Zibeon and Anah, as that of a "son" of Seir (Gen 36:20), the father of a clan (Gen 36:23), and a Horite "duke" ('alluph) (Gen 36:29; 1 Ch 1:38,40).

(2) A Calebite, the father (possibly of the inhabitants) of Kiriath-jearim (1 Ch 2:50,52).

(3) A Judahite, perhaps to be identified with (2) above (1 Ch 4:1 f).

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