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HEBREW: 8113 yrmv Shimriy
NAVE: Shimri
EBD: Shimri
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In Bible versions:

son of Shemaiah; ancestor of a clan of Simeon
father of Jediael and Joha, two of David's military elite
son of Hosah; a pre-exile Levite gatekeeper
a Levite of Elizaphan who helped cleanse the temple

thorn; dregs ( --> same as Shimrith, Shimron)


Strongs #08113: yrmv Shimriy

Shimri = "vigilant"

1) a Simeonite, son of Shemaiah and father of Jedaiah
2) father of Jediael, one of David's mighty warriors
3) a Merarite Levite, son of Hosah
4) a Kohathite Levite of the sons of Elizaphan

8113 Shimriy shim-ree'

from 8105 in its original sense; watchful; Shimri, the name
of four Israelites:-Shimri.
see HEBREW for 08105

Shimri [EBD]

watchman. (1.) A Simeonite (1 Chr. 4:37).

(2.) The father of one of the "valiant men" of David's armies (1 Chr. 11:45).

(3.) Assisted at the purification of the temple in the time of Hezekiah (2 Chr. 29:13).

Shimri [NAVE]

1. Head of a family in Simeon, 1 Chr. 4:37, 38.
2. Father of one of David's mighty men, 1 Chr. 11:45.
3. A Merarite, 1 Chr. 26:10.
Also called Simri.
4. A Levite in the time of Hezekiah, 2 Chr. 29:13.


  1. A Simeonite son of Shemaiah. (1 Chronicles 4:37) (B.C. after 1450.)
  2. The father of Jediael, one of David?s guard. (1 Chronicles 11:45) (B.C. before 1043.)
  3. A Kohathite Levite in the reign of Hezekiah. (2 Chronicles 29:13) (B.C. 726.)


SHIMRI - shim'-ri (shimri; various forms in the Septuagint): There are four Hebrews mentioned in the Bible who bear this name:

(1) A Simeonite, a son of Shemaiah and father of Jedaiah, a chief of his tribe (1 Ch 4:37).

(2) The father of Jediael, a bodyguard of King David (1 Ch 11:45).

(3) A son of Hosah, a Levite. He was appointed by David to be doorkeeper in the house of the Lord. He was made chief of the tribe, although not the firstborn of his family (1 Ch 26:10).

(4) One of the sons of Elizaphan, a Levite. He assisted in purifying the temple in the time of Hezekiah (2 Ch 29:13).

S. L. Umbach

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