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In Bible versions:

Shilonites: NET NRSV
resident of Shiloh, or descendant of Shelah of Judah. (OS)


Strongs #07888: ynwlyv Shiylowniy or ynlyv Shiyloniy or ynlv Shiloniy

Shilonite = see Shiloh "place of rest"

1) an inhabitant of Shiloh

7888 Shiylowniy shee-lo-nee'

or Shiyloniy {shee-lo-nee'}; or Shiloniy {shee-lo-nee'}; from
7887; a Shilonite or inhabitant of Shiloh:-Shilonite.
see HEBREW for 07887

Strongs #08023: ynlv Shiloniy

Shiloni = see Shiloh "peace bringer"

1) an inhabitant of Shiloh

8023 Shiloniy shee-lo-nee'

the same as 7888; Shiloni, an Israelite:-Shiloni.
see HEBREW for 07888

Shilonite [EBD]

Ahijah the prophet, whose home was in Shiloh, is so designated (1 Kings 11:29; 15:29). The plural form occurs (1 Chr. 9:5), denoting the descendants of Shelah, Judah's youngest son.

Shilonite [NAVE]

1. A man of Shiloh, 1 Kin. 11:29; 12:15; 15:29; 2 Chr. 9:29; 10:15.
2. Used, apparently, to denote a descendant of Shelah, 1 Chr. 9:5.
See: Shelanites.


SHILONITE - shi'-lo-nit (shiloni (2 Ch 9:29), shiloni (2 Ch 10:15; Neh 11:5), Shilowniy; Selonei, Seloneites): This denotes an inhabitant of Shiloh, and applies (1) to Ahijah the prophet (1 Ki 11:29, etc.); and (2) to a family of the children of Judah, who, after the exile, made their home in Jerusalem (1 Ch 9:5; Neh 11:5, the King James Version "Shiloni").

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