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Shephupham, Shephuphan


SHEPHUPHAM, SHEPHUPHAN - she-fu'-fam or she-fu'-fan (shephupham; Codex Vaticanus and Codex Alexandrinus Sophan; Lucian, Sophan (Nu 26:39 (43)); or Shephuphan, shephuphan; Codex Vaticanus Sopharphak, Codex Alexandrinus Sophan, Lucian, Seppham (1 Ch 8:5), "a kind of serpent," Gray, HPN, 95): Eponym of a Benjamite family. The name occurs in Gen 46:21 as "Muppim" and in 1 Ch 7:12,15; 26:16 as "Shuppim." It is almost impossible to arrive at the original form; the gentilic "Shuphamites" appears in Nu 26:39 (43).

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