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NAVE: Shen
EBD: Shen
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tooth; ivory; change
Google Maps: Shen (31° 49´, 35° 10´)

Shen [EBD]

a tooth, probably some conspicuous tooth-shaped rock or crag (1 Sam. 7:12), a place between which and Mizpeh Samuel set up his "Ebenezer." In the Hebrew the word has the article prefixed, "the Shen." The site is unknown.

Shen [NAVE]

SHEN, a place of unknown location, 1 Sam. 7:12.


(tooth), a place mentioned only in (1 Samuel 7:12) Nothing is known of it.


SHEN - shen (ha-shen, "the tooth" or "peak"; tes palaias): A place named only in 1 Sam 7:12 to indicate the position of the stone set up by Samuel in connection with the victory over the Philistines, "between Mizpah and Shen." The Septuagint evidently reads yashan, "old." Probably we should here read yeshanah, as in 2 Ch 13:19 (OHL, under the word). Then it may be represented by `Ain Sinia, to the North of Beitin.

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