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Shaveh Kiriathaim

In Bible versions:

Shaveh Kiriathaim: NET NIV
Shaveh-Kiriathaim: AVS TEV
Shaveh-kiriathaim: NRSV NASB
a region: plains of Kiriathaim (NASB margin)
Google Maps: Shaveh-kiriathaim (31° 35´, 35° 42´)


Strongs #07741: Mytyrq hwv Shaveh Qiryathayim

Shaveh Kiriathaim = "plain of the double or two city"

1) the place attacked by Chedorlaomer

7741 Shaveh Qiryathayim shaw-vay' kir-yaw-thah'-yim

from the same as 7740 and the dual of 7151; plain of a double
city; Shaveh-Kirjathajim, a place East of the Jordan:-Shaveh
see HEBREW for 07740
see HEBREW for 07151

Shaveh-Kiriathaim [EBD]

plain of Kirja-thaim where Chedorlaomer defeated the Emims, the original inhabitants (Gen. 14:5). Now Kureiyat, north of Dibon, in the land of Moab.

Shaveh Kiriathaim [NAVE]

SHAVEH KIRIATHAIM, a valley in Moab, Gen. 14:5.


(plain of the double city), mentioned (Genesis 14:5) as the residence of the Emim at the time of Chedorlaomer?s incursion. Kiriathaim is named in the later history, though it has not been identified; and Shaveh Kiriathaim was probably the valley in or by which the town lay.


SHAVEH-KIRIATHAIM - sha'-ve-kir-ya-tha'-im (shaweh qiryathayim; en Saue te polei): Here Chedorlaomer is said to have defeated the Emim (Gen 14:5). the Revised Version margin reads "the plain of Kiriathaim." If this rendering is right, we must look for the place in the neighborhood of Kiriathaim of Moab (Jer 48:1, etc.), which is probably represented today by el-Qareiyat, about 7 miles to the North of Dibon.

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