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HEBREW: 8051 awmv Shammuwa`
NAVE: Shammua Shammuah
EBD: Shammua
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In Bible versions:

son of Zaccur of Reuben; the spy sent by Moses to explore the land of Canaan
son of David and Bathsheba
father of Abda, a Levite returned from exile
priestly head of the house of Bilgah under High Priest Joiakim

he that is heard; he that is obeyed


Strongs #08051: awmv Shammuwa`

Shammua = "renowned"

1) son of Zaccur and the spy from the tribe of Reuben
2) son of David by his wife Bathsheba
2a) also 'Shammuah' and 'Shimea'
3) a Levite, son of Galal and father of Abda who lived in Jerusalem
after the return from exile in the time of Nehemiah
3a) also 'Shemaiah'
4) a priest, head of the family of Bilgah in the time of Joiakim
after the return from exile

8051 Shammuwa` sham-moo'-ah

from 8074; renowned; Shammua, the name of four
Israelites:-Shammua, Shammuah.
see HEBREW for 08074

Shammua [EBD]

heard. (1.) One of the spies sent out by Moses to search the land (Num. 13:4). He represented the tribe of Reuben.

(2.) One of David's sons (1 Chr. 14:4; 3:5, "Shimea;" 2 Sam. 5:14).

(3.) A Levite under Nehemiah (11:17).

Shammua [NAVE]

1. The representative of Reuben among the twelve spies sent into Canaan, Num. 13:4.
2. See: Shammuah.
3. A Levite, father of Abda, Neh. 11:17.
Called Shemaiah, 1 Chr. 9:16.
4. A priest, Neh. 12:18.

Shammuah [NAVE]

SHAMMUAH, son of David, 2 Sam. 5:14.
Called Shimea, 1 Chr. 3:5; Shammua, 1 Chr. 14:4.


  1. Reubenite spy, son of Zaccur. (Numbers 13:4) (B.C. 1490.)
  2. Son of David, by his wife Bathsheba. (1 Chronicles 14:4) (B.C. 1045.)
  3. A Levite, the father of Abda. (Nehemiah 11:17) The same as SHEMAIAH, 6.
  4. The representative of the priestly family of Bilgah or Bilgai, in the days of Joiakim. (Nehemiah 12:18) (B.C. about 500.)


son of David, (2 Samuel 5:14) elsewhere called Shammua and Shimea.


SHAMMUA; SHAMMUAH - sha-mu'-a, sham'-u-a (shammua`):

(1) The Reubenite spy (Nu 13:4, Samouel, and other forms).

(2) One of David's sons (2 Sam 5:14; 1 Ch 14:4, Sammous). In 1 Ch 3:5 he is called "Shimea."

(3) A Levite (Neh 11:17); he is called "Shemaiah" in 1 Ch 9:16.

(4) The head of a priestly family (Neh 12:18); a contemporary of Joiakim.

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