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HEBREW: 8031 hvlv Shalishah
NAVE: Shalisha
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In Bible versions:

Shalisha: NET NIV
a highland region of Ephraim 20 km WSW of Shechem (OS)

three; the third; prince; captain
Google Maps: Shalishah (31° 50´, 35° 11´)


Strongs #08031: hvlv Shalishah

Shalisha = "thirs"

1) a district near Mount Ephraim through which Saul passed as he
searched for the asses

8031 Shalishah shaw-lee-shaw'

feminine from 8027; trebled land; Shalishah, a place in
see HEBREW for 08027

Shalisha [NAVE]

SHALISHA, a district bordering on Mount Ephraim, 1 Sam. 9:4.

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