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NAVE: Self-will
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Self-will [NAVE]

SELF-WILL, stubboress. Forbidden, 2 Chr. 30:8; Psa. 75:5.
Proceeds from unbelief, 2 Kin. 17:14; pride, Neh. 9:16, 29; an evil heart, Jer. 7:24.
God knows, Isa. 48:4.
Exhibited in refusing to hearken to God, Prov. 1:24; refusing to hearken to the messengers of God, 1 Sam. 8:19; Jer. 44:16; Zech. 7:11; refusing to walk in the ways of god, Neh. 9:17; Isa. 42:24; Psa. 78:10; refusing to hearken to parents, Deut. 21:18, 19; refusing to receive correction, Deut. 21:18; Jer. 5:3; 7:28; rebelling against God, Deut. 31:27; Psa. 78:8; resisting the Holy Spirit, Acts 7:51; walking in the counsels of an evil heart, Jer. 7:24, with Jer. 23:17; hardening the neck, Neh. 9:16; hardening the heart, 2 Chr. 36:13; going backward and not forward, Jer. 7:24; heinousness of, 1 Sam. 15:23.
Ministers should be without, Tit. 1:7; warn their people against, Heb. 3:7-12; pray that their people may be forgiven for, Ex. 34:9; Deut. 9:27.
Characteristic of the wicked, Prov. 7:11; 2 Pet. 2:10.
The wicked cease not from, Judg. 2:19.
Punishment for, Deut. 21:21; Prov. 29:1.
Illustrated: Psa. 32:9; Jer. 31:18.
Simeon and Levi, Gen. 49:6.
Israelites, Ex. 32:9; Deut. 9:6, 13.
Saul, 1 Sam. 15:19-23.
David, 2 Sam. 24:4.
Josiah, 2 Chr. 35:22.
Zedekiah, 2 Chr. 36:13. - Bible Text-Book.
See: Hardness of Heart.


SELF-WILL - self-wil' (ratson; authades): Found once in the Old Testament (Gen 49:6, "In their self-will they hocked an ox") in the death song of Jacob (see HOCK). The idea is found twice in the New Testament in the sense of "pleasing oneself": "not self-willed, not soon angry" (Tit 1:7); and "daring, self-willed, they tremble not to rail at dignities" (2 Pet 2:10). In all these texts it stands for a false pride, for obstinacy, for "a pertinacious adherence to one's will or wish, especially in opposition to the dictates of wisdom or propriety or the wishes of others."elfare of his neighbor, just as Christ pleased not Himself (Rom 15:3); also to leaders (1 Cor 16:16), and to earthly rulers (Rom 13:1).

Henry E. Dosker

Also see definition of "Self-will" in Word Study

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