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NAVE: Seirath
EBD: Seirath
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hairy; goat; demon; tempest ( --> same as Seir)

Seirath [EBD]

woody district; shaggy, a place among the mountains of Ephraim, bordering on Benjamin, to which Ehud fled after he had assassinated Eglon at Jericho (Judg. 3:26, 27).

Seirath [NAVE]

SEIRATH, a city of unknown location, Judg. 3:26.


(the shaggy), the place to which Ehud fled after his murder of Eglon. (Judges 3:26,27) It was in "Mount Ephraim," ver. 27, a continuation, perhaps, of the same wooded, shaggy hills which stretched even so far south as to enter the territory of Judah, (Joshua 15:10) (It is probably the same place as MOUNT, MOUNT, MOUNTAIN SEIR, 2.)


SEIRATH - se-i'-rath, se'-i-rath.


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