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NAVE: Security
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Security [NAVE]

For Debt
See: Debt; Surety.
From the evils of sin. Promises peace and long life, Job 29:18.
Is ignorant of God and truth, Psa. 10:4; 50:21.
Trusts in lies, Isa. 28:15; Rev. 3:17.
Is inconsiderate and forgetful, Isa. 47:7.
Relies on earthly treasures, Jer. 49:4, 16.
Is deceived by pride, Obad. 3; Rev. 18:7.
Puts off the evil day, Amos 6:3.
Leads to increased guilt, Eccl. 8:11.
Its refuges shall be scattered, Isa. 28:17.
Ruin shall overtake it, Isa. 47:9; Amos 9:10.
God is against it, Jer. 21:13; Ezek. 39:6; Amos 6:1. - Bible Text-Book.
See: Confidence, False; Self-Deception; Self-Delusion.


SECURE; SECURITY - se-kur', se-ku'-ri-ti: The word baTach and its derivatives in Hebrew point to security, either real or imaginary. Thus we read of a host that "was secure" (Jdg 8:11) and of those "that provoke God (and) are secure" (Job 12:6); but also of a security that rests in hope and is safe (Job 11:18). The New Testament words (poieo amerimnous), used in Mt 28:14 (the King James Version "secure you"), guarantee the safety of the soldiers, who witnessed against themselves, in the telling of the story of the disappearance of the body of Christ.

Securely is used in the sense of "trustful," "not anticipating danger" (Prov 3:29; Mic 2:8; Ecclesiasticus 4:15).

The word (hikanon, translated security (Acts 17:9), may stand either for a guaranty of good behavior exacted from, or for some form of punishment inflicted on, Jason and his followers by the rulers of Thessalonica.

Henry E. Dosker

Also see definition of "Security" in Word Study

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