Also see definition of "Seat" in Word Study
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SEAT - set: This word is used to translate the Hebrew words (moshabh, shebheth, kicce', and tekhunah), once (Job 23:3). It translates the Greek word (kathedra) (Mt 21:12; 23:2; Mk 11:15), and "chief seat" translates the compound word (protokathedria) (Mt 23:6; Mk 12:39; Lk 20:46). In the King James Version it translates (thronos) (Lk 1:52; Rev 2:13; 4:4; 11:16; 13:2; 16:10), which the Revised Version (British and American) renders "throne." It denotes a place or thing upon which one sits, as a chair, or stool (1 Sam 20:18; Jdg 3:20). It is used also of the exalted position occupied by men of marked rank or influence, either in good or evil (Mt 23:2; Ps 1:1).

Jesse L. Cotton

Also see definition of "Seat" in Word Study

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