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HEBREW: 8310 Mykors [email protected]
NAVE: Sarsechim
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In Bible versions:

Sarsekim: NET NIV
Sarsechim: NRSV TEV
Sar-sekim: NASB
a prince of Babylon who judged Jerusalem when it was captured

master of the wardrobe


Strongs #08310: Mykors [email protected]

Sarsechim = "prince of the eunuchs"

1) a ruler or general of Nebuchadnezzar at the taking of Jerusalem

8310 Sarckiym sar-seh-keem'

of foreign derivation; Sarsekim, a Babylonian

Sarsechim [NAVE]

SARSECHIM, a prince of Babylon. Present at the taking of Jerusalem, Jer. 39:3.


(prince of the eunuchs), one of the generals of Nebuchadnezzar?s army at the taking of Jerusalem. (Jeremiah 39:3) (B.C. 588.)


SARSECHIM - sar'-se-kim, sar-se-kim (sarckhim): A prince of Nebuchadnezzar, present at the taking of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar in the 11th year of Zedekiah (Jer 39:3). The versions with their various readings--"Nabousachar" "Nabousarach," "Sarsacheim"--point to a corrupt text. The best emendation is the reading "Nebhoshazibhon" ( = Nabusezib-anni, "Nebo delivers me"); this is based on the reading in Jer 39:13.

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