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HEBREW: 5562 wbn rgmo Camgar [email protected]
NAVE: Samgar-nebo
EBD: Samgar-nebo
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In Bible versions:

Samgar: NET
Samgar-Nebo: AVS NIV TEV
Samgar-nebo: NRSV
Samgar-nebu: NASB
the prince of Babylon who judged Jerusalem when it was captured


Strongs #05562: wbn rgmo Camgar [email protected]

Samgar-nebo = "sword of Nebo"

1) one of the princes or generals of king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon

5562 Camgar Nbow sam-gar' neb-o'

of foreign origin; Samgar-Nebo, a Babylonian

Samgar-nebo [EBD]

be gracious, O Nebo! or a cup-bearer of Nebo, probably the title of Nergal-sharezer, one of the princes of Babylon (Jer. 39:3).

Samgar-nebo [NAVE]

SAMGAR-NEBO, a prince of Babylon. At the siege of Jerusalem, Jer. 39:3.


SAMGAR-NEBO - sam-gar-ne'-bo (camgar nebho, a Babylonian name): An officer of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, who, according to the Massoretic Text of Jer 39:3, took his seat with other nobles in the middle gate of Jerusalem after the Chaldean army had taken the city. Schrader (COT, ii, 109) holds that the name is a Hebraized form of the Assyrian Sumgirnabu ("be gracious, Nebo"), but Giesebrecht (Comm., 211) conjectures for Samgar a corruption of Sar-mag (Sar-magh), equivalent to Rab-mag (rab-magh), which implies virtual dittography. The number of variant readings exhibited by the Septuagint seems to confirm the belief that the text is corrupt. Nebo (nabu) is there joined with the following Sarsechim to agree with Nebushazban of Jer 39:13. If the name Samgar-nebo is correct, the first Nergal-sharezer "should perhaps be dropped; we would then read: "Samgar-nebo the Sarsechim, Nebushazban the Rab-saris (compare 39:13) and Nergal-sharezer the Rab-mag" (Sayce).


Horace J. Wolf

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