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NET Glossary: a coarse cloth often made of goat or camel's hair worn as a sign of mourning or penitence

Sackcloth [EBD]

cloth made of black goats' hair, coarse, rough, and thick, used for sacks, and also worn by mourners (Gen. 37:34; 42:25; 2 Sam. 3:31; Esther 4:1, 2; Ps. 30:11, etc.), and as a sign of repentance (Matt. 11:21). It was put upon animals by the people of Nineveh (Jonah 3:8).

Sackcloth [NAVE]

A symbol of mourning, 1 Kin. 20:31, 32; Job 16:15; Isa. 15:3; Jer. 4:8; 6:26; 49:3; Lam. 2:10; Ezek. 7:18; Dan. 9:3; Joel 1:8.
Worn by Jacob when it was reported to him that Joseph had been devoured by wild beasts, Gen. 37:34.
Animals covered with, at time of national mourning, Jonah 3:8.
See: Mourning.


cloth used in making sacks or bags, a coarse fabric, of a dark color, made of goat?s hair, (Isaiah 50:3; Revelation 6:12) end resembling the eilicium of the Romans. It, was used also for making the rough garments used by mourners, which were in extreme cases worn next the skin. (1 Kings 21:27; 2 Kings 6:30; Job 16:15; Isaiah 32:11)


SACKCLOTH - sak'-kloth.


Also see definition of "Sackcloth" in Word Study

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