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RUIN - roo'-in (haricah, etc.; rhegma): "Ruin," the translation of haricah (Am 9:11; compare Acts 15:16, where the Revised Version (British and American) Greek text, ta katestrammena), and of a number of other Hebrew words: in Lk 6:49 rhegma, "breakage," is used both in a literal sense (Isa 23:13; 25:2, of fallen buildings; Ezek 27:27; 31:13, of a state or people; Lk 6:49, of a house, etc.) and with a moral significance (Prov 26:28). the Revised Version margin correctly renders mikhshol in Ezek 18:30 "stumblingblock" (the King James Version "ruin"), and the Revised Version (British and American) in Ezek 21:15 "stumblings" (the King James Version "ruins"). The Revised Version (British and American) has "ruins" for the King James Version "desolations" in Ezr 9:9, margin "waste places"; Ps 74:3; "in their ruins" for "with their mattocks" (2 Ch 34:6, margin " `with their axes.' The Hebrew is obscure"); "midst of the ruin" for "desolation" (Job 30:14); "their ruin" for "their wickedness" (Prov 21:12). "Ruinous" is the translation of mappalah (Isa 17:1) and of natsah (2 Ki 19:25; Isa 37:26).

W. L. Walker

Also see definition of "Ruin" in Word Study

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