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ROT; ROTTENNESS - rot, rot'-'-n-nes (verb raqebh, noun raqabh (riqqabhon, Job 41:27), with maq, "decay" (Isa 5:24), and `abhash, "shrivel" (so Joel 1:17 the Revised Version margin)): "Rottenness of the bones" (Prov 12:4; 14:30; Hab 3:16) is ulceration (caries) of the bones, used as an example of an intensely painful disease. the King James Version, in addition, has "rot" in Nu 5:21,22,27, where the Revised Version (British and American) has "fall away" (naphal), but a euphemistic paraphrase is in point (see the comms.). In Jer 38:11,12 the King James Version has "old rotten rags" for melach, "rag" (the Revised Version (British and American) "wornout garments," a translation that specializes too far).

Also see definition of "Rot" in Word Study

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