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GREEK: 4498 Rodh Rhode
NAVE: Rhoda
EBD: Rhoda
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In Bible versions:

the servant girl who answered the door when Peter was released from prison

a rose ( --> same as Rhodes)


Strongs #4498: Rodh Rhode

Rhoda = "rose"

1) the name of a certain maid servant

4498 Rhode hrod'-ay

probably for rhode (a rose); Rode, a servant girl:-Rhoda.

Rhoda [EBD]

a rose, the damsel in the house of Mary, the mother of John Mark. She came to hearken when Peter knocked at the door of the gate (Acts 12:12-15).

Rhoda [NAVE]

RHODA, a Christian girl in Jerusalem, Acts 12:13.


(rose), the name of a maid who announced Peter?s arrival at the door of Mary?s house after his miraculous release from prison. (Acts 12:13) (A.D. 44.)


RHODA - ro'-da (Rhode, "rose"): A maid in the house of Mary the mother of John Mark. She came to answer when Peter knocked at Mary's door after his miraculous release from prison. On recognizing his voice, she so forgot herself with joy that she neglected to open the door, but ran in to tell the others the glad news. They would not believe her, thinking she was mad; and when she persisted in her statement they said it must be his angel. The Jewish belief was that each man had a guardian angel assigned to him. Peter continued knocking, and was ultimately admitted (Acts 12:12 ff).

S. F. Hunter

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