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HEBREW: 7509 hypr [email protected]
NAVE: Rephaiah
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In Bible versions:

son of Jeshaiah, a descendant of Hananiah, Zerubbabel and David
son of Ishi of Issachar
son of Tola son of Issachar
son of Binea, a descendant of King Saul
son of Hur; ruler of half the district of Jerusalem

medicine or refreshment of the Lord


Strongs #07509: hypr [email protected]

Rephaiah = "healed of Jehovah"

1) a descendant of Zerubbabel and David
2) a Simeonite chief in the reign of Hezekiah
3) son of Tola and grandson of Issachar
4) son of Binea and a descendant of Saul
5) son of Hur and a ruler of Jerusalem in the time of Nehemiah

7509 Rphayah ref-aw-yaw'

from 7495 and 3050; Jah has cured; Rephajah, the name of five
see HEBREW for 07495
see HEBREW for 03050

Rephaiah [NAVE]

1. A descendant of David, 1 Chr. 3:21.
2. A Simeonite captain, 1 Chr. 4:42.
3. Son of Tola, of the tribe of Issachar, 1 Chr. 7:2.
4. A descendant of Jonathan, 1 Chr. 9:43.
Called Rapha, 1 Chr. 8:37.
5. Governor over half of Jerusalem in the time of Nehemiah, Neh. 3:9.


(healed of Jehovah).
  1. The sons of Rephaiah appear among the descendants of Zerubbabel in (1 Chronicles 3:21)
  2. A Simeonite chieftain in the reign of Hezekiah. (1 Chronicles 4:42) (B.C. 727.)
  3. Son of Tola the son of Issachar. (1 Chronicles 7:2)
  4. Son of Binea, and descendant of Saul. (1 Chronicles 9:43)
  5. The son of Hur, and ruler of a portion of Jerusalem. (Nehemiah 3:9) (B.C. 441.)


REPHAIAH - re-fa'-ya, re-fi'-a (rephayah, probably "Yah is healing"; Septuagint Rhaphaia(s)) :

(1) In David's family, Septuagint also Rhaphal (1 Ch 3:21).

(2) A captain of Simeon (1 Ch 4:42).

(3) A grandson of Issachar, Septuagint also Rhaphara (1 Ch 7:2).

(4) A descendant of Saul (1 Ch 9:43; in 8:37 called "Raphah" (raphah); Septuagint also Raphai).

(5) One of the repairers of the wall under Nehemiah (Neh 3:9).

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