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RENEW - re-nu': The word is used in various senses: (1) of material things, e.g. Ps 104:30; here it means to give a new appearance, to refresh, to restore the face of the earth; (2) in 1 Sam 11:14, to establish more firmly the kingdom by reinstalling King Saul; (3) in 2 Ch 15:8, to rebuild or repair the broken altar; (4) in Lam 5:21, "renew our days," restore the favors of former days; (5) in Isa 41:1, `let them gather together, or marshal their strongest arguments for answer'; (6) in Ps 103:5; Isa 40:31, it refers to the restoring of spiritual strength; (7) in the New Testament it invariably refers to spiritual renewal, e.g. Rom 12:2; 2 Cor 4:16; Eph 4:23; Col 3:10; Tit 3:5; Heb 6:6; all derivatives of kainos, "new."

G. H. Gerberding

Also see definition of "Renew" in Word Study

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