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NAVE: Rape
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Rape [NAVE]

Law imposes death penalty for, Deut. 22:25-27.
Captives afflicted with, Isa. 13:16; Lam. 5:11; Zech. 14:2.
Instances of
Of the servant of a Levite, by Benjamites; tribe of Benjamin nearly exterminated by the army of the other tribes, as punishment for, Judg. 19:22-30; 20:35.
Of Tamar by Amnon; avenged in the death of Amnon at the hand of Absalom, Tamar's brother, 2 Sam. 13:6-29, 32, 33.
See: Seduction.


RAPE - rap.


Also see definition of "Rape" in Word Study

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