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Pound [EBD]

(1.) A weight. Heb. maneh, equal to 100 shekels (1 Kings 10:17; Ezra 2:69; Neh. 7:71, 72). Gr. litra, equal to about 12 oz. avoirdupois (John 12:3; 19:39).

(2.) A sum of money; the Gr. mna or mina (Luke 19:13, 16, 18, 20, 24, 25). It was equal to 100 drachmas, and was of the value of about $3, 6s. 8d. of our money. (See MONEY.)

Pound [NAVE]

The Hebrew word "maneh'' is translated "pound,'' 1 Kin. 10:17; Ezra 2:69; Neh. 7:71, 72, and is equivalent to about one pound, fourteen ounces. In John 12:3 the weight was equivalent to about twelve ounces. In Luke 19:13-25 the Greek word "mina'' is translated "pound,'' and worth approximately 50 to 60 Shekels. See: Measure; Weights.


  2. A sum of money put in the Old Testament, (1 Kings 10:17; Ezra 2:69; Nehemiah 7:71) for the Hebrew maneh , worth in silver about . In the parable of the ten pounds, (Luke 19:12-27) the reference appears to be to a Greek pound, a weight used as a money of account, of which sixty went to the talent. It was worth to .


POUND - pound (maneh; mna, litra; Latin, libra): Pound does not correctly represent the Hebrew maneh, which was more than a pound (see MANEH). The litra of Jn 12:3 and 19:39 is the Roman pound (libra) of 4,950 grains, which is less than a pound troy, being about 10 1/3 oz. In a monetary sense (its use in Lk 19:13-25) it is the mna, or maneh, which was either of silver or gold, the former, which is probably the one referred to by Luke, being equal to 6,17 British pounds, or about $33 (in 1915); the latter 102,10 British pounds or $510 (in 1915).


Figurative: "Pound," like "talent," is used in the New Testament for intellectual gifts and spiritual endowments, as in the passage given above.

H. Porter

Also see definition of "Pound" in Word Study

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