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In Bible versions:

Pokereth-Hazzebaim: NET NIV
Pochereth-Hazzebaim: AVS TEV
Pochereth-hazzebaim: NRSV NASB
leader of a clan of "Solomon's servants" back from exile.


Strongs #06380: Myybu trkp Pokereth [email protected]

Pochereth of Zebaim = "here the cutting off"

1) a servant of Solomon whose descendants returned from exile with

6380 Pokereth Tsbayiym po-keh'-reth tseb-aw-yeem'

from the active participle (of the same form as the first
word) feminine of an unused root (meaning to entrap) and
plural of 6643; trap of gazelles; Pokereth-Tsebajim, one of
the "servants of Solomon":-Pochereth of Zebaim.
see HEBREW for 06643

Pokereth-hazzebaim [NAVE]

See: Pochereth.


POCHERETH-HAZZEBAIM - pok'-e-reth, po'-ke-reth, po-ke'-reth, -ha-ze-ba'-im (pokhereth hatstsebhayim (Ezr 2:57), or pokhereth ha-tsebhayim (Neh 7:59), "binder (feminine) of the gazelles"): Name of the head of a post-exilic family. The first word is a feminine Kal participle; compare qoheleth ("preacher"), the Hebrew title of the Book of Eccl. BDB suggests that the feminine is that of office. King James Version has "Pochereth of Zebaim" in Ezr, but Ryle (Cambridge Bible, 235) notes that "of" is not in the 1611 edition

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