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Pitcher [EBD]

a vessel for containing liquids. In the East pitchers were usually carried on the head or shoulders (Gen. 24:15-20; Judg. 7:16, 19; Mark 14:13).

Pitcher [NAVE]

Earthen, Lam. 4:2.
Used by Gideon in his battle with the Midianites, Judg. 7:10-20.


This word is used in the Authorized Version to denote the earthen water-jars or pitchers with one or two handles, used chiefly by women for carrying water, as in the story of Rebekah. (Genesis 24:15-20) but see Mark 14:13; Luke 22:10 This mode of carrying has been and still is customary the East and elsewhere. The vessels used for the purpose are generally borne on the head or the shoulder. The Bedouin women commonly use skin bottles. Such was the "bottle" carried by Hagar (Genesis 21:14) The same word is used of the pitchers employed by Gideon?s three hundred men. (Judges 7:16)


PITCHER - pich'-er (kadh; keramion): The word is found chiefly in the Old Testament in the story of Rebekah in Gen 24:13 ff; but Gideon's men also had their lamps in pitchers (Jdg 7:16,19). Ecclesiastes speaks of the pitcher broken at the fountain (12:6). The single use in the New Testament is in Mk 14:13 parallel Lk 22:10. The pitcher was an earthenware vessel (compare Lam 4:2, nebhel), with one or two handles, used for carrying water, and commonly borne upon the head or shoulder (compare Gen 24).

Also see definition of "Pitcher" in Word Study

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