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EBD: Pine tree
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Pine tree

Pine tree [EBD]

Heb. tidhar, mentioned along with the fir-tree in Isa. 41:19; 60:13. This is probably the cypress; or it may be the stone-pine, which is common on the northern slopes of Lebanon. Some suppose that the elm, others that the oak, or holm, or ilex, is meant by the Hebrew word. In Neh. 8:15 the Revised Version has "wild olive" instead of "pine." (See FIR.)


  1. Heb. tidhar . (Isaiah 41:19; 60:13) What tree is intended is not certain: but the rendering "pine," seems least probable of any.
  2. Shemen , (Nehemiah 8:16) is probably the wild olive.


PINE TREE - pin tre: (1) `ets shemen, translated the Revised Version (British and American) "wild olive," the King James Version "pine" (Neh 8:15); the Revised Version (British and American) "oil-tree," m "oleaster" (Isa 41:19); "olive-wood" (1 Ki 6:23,31-33). See OIL TREE. (2) tidhhar (Isa 41:19, margin "plane"; 60:13); peuke, "fir." Lagarde, from similarity of tidhhar to the Syriac deddar, usually the "elm," considers this the best translation. Symmachus also translated tidhhar (Isa 41:19) by ptelea, the "elm." The elm, Ulmus campestris, is rare in Palestine and the Lebanon, though it is found today N. of Aleppo. Post (HDB, III, 592-93) considers that (1) should be translated as "pine," which he describes as a "fat wood tree"; it is perhaps as probably a correct translation for (2), but great uncertainty remains. Two species of pine are plentiful in the Lebanon and flourish in most parts of Palestine when given a chance. These are the stone pine, Pinus pinea, and the Aleppo pine, P. halepensis; all the highlands looking toward the sea are suited to their growth.

E. W. G. Masterman

Also see definition of "Pine tree" in Word Study

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