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PIECE - pes: In the King James Version the word (singular and plural) represents a large number of different Hebrew words, many of which have more or less the same significance, e.g. piece of meat or flesh (Gen 15:10; 2 Sam 6:19; Ezek 24:4); of bread or cake (1 Sam 2:36; 30:12; Jer 37:21); of ground or land (2 Sam 23:11); of wall (Neh 3:11,19 ff); of an ear (Am 3:12); of cloth or garment (1 Ki 11:30); of millstone (Jdg 9:53). It is used frequently in paraphrastic renderings of various Hebrew verbs: "break," "tear," "cut," etc., in pieces (Gen 44:28, etc.).

In the New Testament "piece" renders epiblema, "piece" or "patch of cloth" (Mt 9:16; Mk 2:21; Lk 5:36). It is also found in paraphrastic renderings--broken in pieces (Mk 5:4), pulled in pieces (Acts 23:10).

T. Lewis

Also see definition of "Piece" in Word Study

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