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NAVE: Phut
EBD: Phut
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Phut [EBD]

Phut is placed between Egypt and Canaan in Gen. 10:6, and elsewhere we find the people of Phut described as mercenaries in the armies of Egypt and Tyre (Jer. 46:9; Ezek. 30:5; 27:10). In a fragment of the annuals of Nebuchadrezzar which records his invasion of Egypt, reference is made to "Phut of the Ionians."

Phut [NAVE]

PHUT, called also Put. 1. Son of Ham, Gen. 10:6; 1 Chr. 1:8.
2. The descendants of Phut, or the country inhabited by them, Ezek. 27:10; Nah. 3:9; Jer. 46:9; Ezek. 30:5; 38:5.


PHUT - fut (puT).

See PUT.

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