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GREEK: 5378 filologov Philologos
NAVE: Philologus
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In Bible versions:

a Christian man in Rome to whom Paul sends greetings

a lover of letters, or of the word


Strongs #5378: filologov Philologos

Philologus = "lover of the Word"

1) a Christian Paul greets in his epistle to Romans

5378 Philologos fil-ol'-og-os

from 5384 and 3056; fond of words, i.e. talkative (argumentative,
learned, "philological"); Philologus, a Christian:-Philologus.
see GREEK for 5384
see GREEK for 3056

Philologus [NAVE]

PHILOLOGUS, a disciple in Rome, Rom. 16:15.


a Christian at Rome to whom St. Paul sends his salutation. (Romans 18:15)


PHILOLOGUS - fi-lol'-o-gus (Philologos, "fond of learning," "learned"): The name of a Roman Christian to whom Paul sent greetings (Rom 16:15). His name is coupled with that of Julia, who was probably his wife or sister. Philologus and those united with him in this salutation formed by themselves one of the "house churches" or groups in the Christian community. The name is found in inscriptions connected with the imperial household, with reference to one of which Bishop Lightfoot has the following note: "It has been supposed that the name Philologus was given by the master to the freedman mentioned in this inscription, as being appropriate to his office (Friedlander I, 89, 160). .... If so, some light is thrown on the probable occupation of the Philologus of Paul" (Phil, 177, note 1).

S. F. Hunter

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