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HEBREW: 6522 yzrp [email protected]
NAVE: Perizzites
EBD: Perizzites
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In Bible versions:

Perizzites: NET NIV NRSV
a people of ancient Canaan in the later territory of Ephraim

dwelling in villages


Strongs #06522: yzrp [email protected]

Perizzite = "belonging to a village"

1) a people who inhabited southern Canaan prior to the conquest

6522 Prizziy per-iz-zee'

for 6521; inhabitant of the open country; a Perizzite, one of
the Canaanitish tribes:-Perizzite.
see HEBREW for 06521

Perizzites [EBD]

villagers; dwellers in the open country, the Canaanitish nation inhabiting the fertile regions south and south-west of Carmel. "They were the graziers, farmers, and peasants of the time." They were to be driven out of the land by the descendants of Abraham (Gen. 15:20; Ex. 3:8, 17; 23:23; 33:2; 34:11). They are afterwards named among the conquered tribes (Josh. 24:11). Still lingering in the land, however, they were reduced to servitude by Solomon (1 Kings 9:20).

Perizzites [NAVE]

One of the seven nations in the land of Canaan, Gen. 13:7.
Territory of, given to Abraham, Gen. 15:20; Ex. 3:8; 23:23.
Doomed to destruction, Deut. 20:17.
Not all destroyed; Israelites marry among, Judg. 3:5-7; Ezra 9:1, 2.
See: Canaanites.


PERIZZITE - per'-i-zit, pe-riz'-it (perizzi; Pherezaios): Signifies "a villager," and so corresponds with the Egyptian fellah. Hence, the Perizzite is not included among the sons of Canaan in Gen 10, and is also coupled with the Canaanite (Gen 13:7; 34:30; Jdg 1:4). We hear, accordingly, of Canaanites and Perizzites at Shechem (Gen 34:30), at Bezek in Judah (Jdg 1:4) and, according to the reading of the Septuagint, at Gezer (Josh 16:10). In Dt 3:5 and 1 Sam 6:18, where the King James Version has "unwalled towns" and "country villages," the Septuagint has "Perizzite," the literal translation of the Hebrew being "cities of the Perizzite" or "villager" and "village of the Perizzite." The same expression occurs in Est 9:19, where it is used of the Jews in Elam. In Josh 17:15,18, where the Manassites are instructed to take possession of the forest land of Carmel, "Perizzites and Rephaim" are given as the equivalent of "Canaanite."

A. H. Sayce

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