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HEBREW: 6624 owrtp Pathrowc
NAVE: Pathros
EBD: Pathros
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In Bible versions:

a name for Upper Egypt (Strong's Concord.)

mouthful of dough; persuasion of ruin ( --> same as Pathrusim)
Google Maps: Pathros (28° 19´, 30° 41´)


Strongs #06624: owrtp Pathrowc

Pathros = "region of the south"

1) a part of Egypt and the home country of the Pathrusim people;
probably located in upper Egypt

6624 Pathrowc path-roce'

of Egyptian derivation; Pathros, a part of Egypt:-Pathros.

Pathros [EBD]

the name generally given to Upper Egypt (the Thebaid of the Greeks), as distinguished from Matsor, or Lower Egypt (Isa. 11:11; Jer. 44:1, 15; Ezek. 30:14), the two forming Mizraim. After the destruction of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar, colonies of Jews settled "in the country of Pathros" and other parts of Egypt.

Pathros [NAVE]

PATHROS, a part of Upper Egypt. Jewish captives in, Isa. 11:11; Jer. 44:1, 15; Ezek. 29:14.
Prophecy against, Ezek. 30:14.


(region of the south), a part of Egypt, and a Mizraite tribe whose people were called Pathrusim. In the list of the Mizraites the Pathrusim occur after the Naphtuhim and before the Caluhim; the latter being followed by the notice of the Philistines and by the Caphtorim. (Genesis 10:13,14; 1 Chronicles 1:12) Pathros is mentioned in the prophecies of Isaiah, (Isaiah 11:11) Jeremiah (Jeremiah 44:1,15) and Ezekiel. (Ezekiel 29:14; 30:13-18) It was probably part or all of upper Egypt, and we may trace its name in the Pathyrite name, in which Thebes was situated.


PATHROS - path'-ros (pathros; Egyptian Pata resii, the "South land"; Septuagint ge Pathoures): The Hebrew form of the Egyptian name for Upper Egypt (Isa 11:11; Jer 44:1,15; Ezek 29:14; 30:14).

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