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HEBREW: 209 Mnwa 'Ownan
NAVE: Onan
EBD: Onan
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In Bible versions:

the second son of Judah and Bath-Shua

pain; force; iniquity ( --> same as On, Onam)


Strongs #0209: Mnwa 'Ownan

Onan = "strong"

1) second son of Judah, slain by God for not fulfilling the
levitical requirement to beget a child with the wife
of a dead, childless brother

209 'Ownan o-nawn'

a variation of 207; strong; Onan, a son of Judah:-Onan.
see HEBREW for 0207

Onan [EBD]

strong, the second son of Judah (Gen. 38:4-10; comp. Deut. 25:5; Matt. 22:24). He died before the going down of Jacob and his family into Egypt.

Onan [NAVE]

ONAN, son of Judah. Slain for his refusal to raise seed to his brother, Gen. 38:4, 8-10; 46:12; Num. 26:19; 1 Chr. 2:3.


(strong), the second son of Judah by the Canaanitess, "the daughter of Shua." (Genesis 38:4; 1 Chronicles 2:3) "What he did was evil in the eyes of Jehovah and he slew him also, as he had slain his elder brother. (Genesis 38:9) His death took place before the family of Jacob went down into Egypt. (Genesis 46:12; Numbers 26:19) (B.C. 1706.)


ONAN - o'-nan ('onan, "vigorous"; compare ONAM, a "son" of Judah (Gen 38:4,8-10; 46:12; Nu 26:19; 1 Ch 2:3); "The story of the untimely death of Er and Onan implies that two of the ancient clans of Judah early disappeared" (Curtis, Chron, 84). See Skinner, Gen, 452, where it is pointed out that in Gen 38:11 Judah plainly attributes the death of his sons in some way to Tamar herself. The name is allied to Onam.

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